Sonya may be known for rocking the stage, but her work inside the class– and conference room, will leave a lasting, authentic impact on your organization. 


Arts Integration & Curriculum Design

With over 15 years of arts education experience, curriculum design, and administration, Sonya has developed and delivered arts integration based education programs from students from 3rd grade through university level.  Sonya has worked with administrators and educators in school districts across the U.S to implement innovative, engaging, arts-based education that reinforces national educational standards while developing emotional intelligence, empathy and critical thinking in students across the educational spectrum.


Transformational Organizational Management and Capacity Building

Sonya has been involved in organizational development and management for over 15 years. She has a MSA in Organizational Management and has led capacity building and organizational development and design projects for organizations such as Black AIDS Institute, HIPS and others. Her consultancy work focuses on helping organizational leaders undo structural and internal manifestations of inequity and oppression within their organizations to create companies and organizations that lead from a Justice First, People First perspective. 


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

Using a intersectional feminist perspective Sonya uses her 20 years of working in equity and justice work in marginalized communities to assist organizations in dismatinling organizational manifestations of oppression. Interactive, methodically and deeply compassionate, Sonya assists organizations in creating a difference-celebrating and equitable workplace. 


Organizational Storytelling 

As an award-winning writer and performer and founder of The Body is Not An Apology Sonya is masterful in helping organizations craft and tell the story of their mission and vision. Using craft and vision Sonya helps organizations make their work visible and compelling in the larger world. 

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